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I like to think of commercial work as applied photography. The client sometimes gives you great product to work with but other times it just isn't. It's what you do on those occassions that gives you growth in your skills and ability. Alot of these images are variations that were created for a weekly grocery store flyer. At that time 4x5 view cameras and transparency film were used in their creation.
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Nova Scotia, Canada
This section is where I will post photographs that don't fit the other categories. New ideas and concepts that I will be exploring will live here.
Commercial Work
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"Photography is one of the greatest forms of communication there is. Through my images I can show you, the viewers what I have seen and experienced. When I see the work of others I can experience what they have seen"
Naming this gallery Travel makes it sound like I get to go to far more places than I actually do.
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Commercial Work