Tom has been a member of both the Professional Photographers of Canada and the Professional Photographers of Canada-Atlantic(PPOC-Atlantic).

Tom holds the Craftsman of the Photographic Arts from the PPOC and has earned Accreditations from the PPOC in Pictorial Photography, Portrait Photography,
Wedding Photography and Illustrative Photography. Tom has had his images accepted at print shows and print competions both at the regional, national and international levels (Professional Photographers of America).As well at regional conferences Tom has been a judge at accredation sessions for the PPOC.

Tom resides in the New Glasgow area in Nova Scotia, Canada with his family. Tom is very active as a volunteer in the community and has been in quite a few organizations
over the years.

These web pages represent Tom's personal exploration of photography. The Advertising/Illustrative photographs
are images Tom has created at work. Tom has been employed by the Pridhams Studios for over 30 years.

Photography has changed a lot in the past 30 years and Tom has worked with just about every photographic process during that time and all types and styles of cameras. Currently Tom works exclusively with digital cameras and Photoshop CS-5. He finds the ability to subtley adjust the images to produce what he saw when he actually created the images wonderfull.

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Nova Scotia, Canada
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