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Colombia was an incredible experience. We were able to visit 3 main cities in a short time. As well when we were in Buccaramanga we visited 5 other communities. It's hard to say which was my favourite one. Each place we visited offered such a range of opportunities. I hope we will have further chances to go back.
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Nova Scotia, Canada
A Beautiful Country
These images are from various parts of the Maritimes. The South shore of Nova Scotia, Pictou County, Cape Breton, Wentworth Valley, Sunrise Trail to name a few. We have such a varied land here sometimes it is hard to beleive that such variety exists in a small area of Canada.
Colombia 2010
Atlantic Canada
"Photography is one of the greatest forms of communication there is. Through my images I can show you, the viewers what I have seen and experienced. When I see the work of others I can experience what they have seen."
Atlantic Canada
Photographing water is one of the most rewarding things I do as a photographer. Even if you go back to the same place many times it is always new, everchanging with the tides or the water levels.

Each photograph captures the constantly changing patterns created by the movement of the water and the reflections from the sun.
Water and Waterfalls
Water & Waterfalls
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